The Animator started in 2007 by Mr. Chirag Shamji Chhadva, an entrepreneur possessing humongous business perception; The Animator has grown by leaps and bounds since inception. We are running since last 10 Years in the market with innovative and exceptional compelling solution for the clients. Along with IT Solutions we serve in Web Designing and Development, Mobile Application, Software Development, Animation, Graphic Designing, IT Outsourcing, SEO and Digital Marketing.
Apart from different services, we established a strong IT infrastructure and developed various software applications to manage and watch operations. Our Services and tools are simple yet powerful, inexpensive yet valuable, that enhance our customer business processes by incorporating innovative technologies & ideas that help our customers realize their potential with minimum efforts and paramount benefits.

Who We Are ?

We at The Animator are a young and enthusiastic mob with a vision to create opportunities that drives growth. The Animator has a strong business and process model which helps clients to cut time and cost in their business processes and help them give a better Customer Experience.
We design industry-specific IT solutions to help our clients take advantage of the new opportunities and adapt to the new challenges of an evolving world. We are constantly working towards exceeding our client expectations.
The Animator is pioneering new benchmarks of Customer Service by developing a Database Management System. With expertise in various technologies; a robust and scalable platform, The Animator is confident of enabling to set a new benchmark in customer service.
The Animator has successfully serviced versatile clients from the initial year by providing best solutions in Education Sector, Designed and Developed Website for many clients in Retail, Chemical, Motels etc., Designed and Developed Customizable Software Solutions for Local Banks, Dashboards for Chartered Accountants, etc. The Animator has also gained client success by opening verticals in Digital Marketing

Our Stats


Our Team

Harsh Nagda
Technical Assist

A creative, strategic & socialized guy who is primarily responsible for maintaining the health of the company's website.

OM Prakash
Om Prakash

Strong on the outside, soft on the inside, provides the nuts and bolts for all web development projects.

Chirag Shamji Chhadva

Chirag Shamji Chhadva


A Confident, Self-motivated, Optimistic, Passionate down to earth guy, listens more than he talks carrying all of our burden on his shoulder.

Marketing Manager

A tiny, adorable, humorous crazy weirdo expert in Client Management has a hand in overall operation.

Priyanshu Singh
Priyanshu Singh
Software Developer

One of the example of enthusiastic and skillful young blood handling projects of great responsibilities at The Animator.

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